Bridge Course

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Bridge Course

An Orientation Program (Bridge Course) is conducted every year for the newly admitted trainees in the month of August.

Annual Scholarship Distribution Programme

Every Year a number of Merit, Endowment ,OBC, Minority, Social Welfare scholarships are distributed to trainees

  • Mulki Ramakrishna Punja Charitable Trust
  • The Scholarship sponsored By I Ananda Rao, Rtd. Administrative Officer, NET
  • The Scholarship sponsored By Dr. Raghava Rao,Makkala Maddu, Bappanadu
  • The Scholarship sponsored By Smt. Geetha Venkataraman, Ex. Pricipal, Dr. M.R.S.M. School, Tapovana, Thokur
  • The Scholarship sponsored By Sri Yogeesh Poojary , Asst. Manager, S.C. D.C.C. Bank & Alumni
  • The Scholarship sponsored Yaji Dr. Diwakar Bhat, Chief Librarian NMAMIT, Nitte